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Acronym Time BOHICA*

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2023 10:42 pm
by Board Admin
BOHICA can represent more than one thing. Some of you may recall it as Bunches Of Hilarity Involving Creative Antics. Some of you may recall it as something else. You may also recall it as the “Weekly” --another promise made but generally unkept-- BOHICA* with news from the Engineering Department. In any event, due to magic and technology and never throwing stuff away, we now have scanned copies of the complete set available for your online viewing enjoyment. WARNING: The contents are irreverent and told from the perspective of future Onion writers/readers. Any resemblance to accuracy and factual accounting is unlikely. They didn't even bother to change the names to roast the innocent until proven guilty. Enjoy. WeeklyBOHICA*