Oops!!! Wrong Taxi

Remember if it happened on shore or in the liberty launch, the telling may require a bit of discretion for sensitive readers or current wives and lovers
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Oops!!! Wrong Taxi

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After tying up alongside Canopus after a patrol, the starboard watch section hit the beach. Several of us were having a few quiet drinks at the Argyll in Dunoon. It was relatively quiet that night, so about all we did was quaff a few stouts. About 2300 or so, one of us realized that if we were intending to spend the night on the boat, then we had better hurry back to the pier and catch the last liberty launch. We all scurried outside and hopped into the first taxi that we saw. (Remember, there were no street lights in downtown Dunoon). After a few seconds I realized that the taxi had not started and there were two people up front instead of one, and they both had on familiar looking hats. You guessed it, we had gotten into one of the police cars!! Those two cops never said a word to us. We vacated that car in a hurry. those were the days!
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Mac, I remember those little black police cars with the little blue light on top.
Me and Jimmy Blackwelder, after closing down the bar at the Royal Marine Hotel, missed the last launch to the Canopus and were forced to spend the night in Dunoon. We decided to take a walk around town. The time was well past midnight. After awhile and feeling nature's call, since noone was around, we "took a leak" in the street!
We didn't notice the 2 policemen on the other side of the street, who promptly escorted us to their "little black taxi" and off to the Argyll County jail. We were introduced to the good Sherrif Bobby McGee, charged with being "out and about in the night" , fined 50 pounds and spent the rest of the night in jail.
After a session with the Barristers in the morning, the legal rep from the squadron took us back to the tender. We had a Captain's Mast and both of us received a "suspended bust". Those were the days!!!
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