Pre-Reunion Business and Request

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Pre-Reunion Business and Request

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I'm really looking forward to our reunion starting March 20. I hope to see you there. From current counts, it looks like there will be a respectable turnout of a bit over 70 folks. Not our largest turnout ever but enough to have a good time telling true tales of places we never were and things we never did.

A couple of items of business will need to be addressed as well and I'm asking you to give some serious thought to them before we gather.
1) Its time to relieve the watch and replace our board of directors. Our bylaws say that normallly they will serve two terms of two years at a maximum and we're well past that. Of course, we haven't been through normal times of late. The four offices to be replaced are President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. Each of these are volunteer, non-paid positions with relatively light workloads. Each of the outgoing directors have committed to making sure the transition goes smoothly. Generally, each position hits a busy period about once per year and around the next reunion. We'll be glad to discuss these with any interested folks. Also, we are looking to relieve the historian, a non-elected volunteer position.
2) We also need to give some thought to the next reunion. It seems to work best when we have someone who agrees to work on the organization as well as identifying a place.

I think you'll be pleased with this year's reunion activities and look forward to seeing you there.
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