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We're Here to Stay

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There's been some recent noises about folks moving to different social media platforms due to an unhappiness with some of the current big names.
That's all well and good.

Early in the 21st century, former James Madison sailors were communicating on a Yahoogroup. From that Yahoogroup grew the efforts that turned into the USS James Madison Reunion Association, a 501(c)19 chartered organization recognized by the IRS and incorporated in the State of Nevada.

As part of that organization, this website with forum software was created in 2005. Much of the material from the Yahoogroup was transferred to here.

As more folks got to using the big names in social media, more of the conversations moved there. Administration and their policies have led to recent discussions including a "mass exodus" to diversified platforms.

I heartily encourage each of you to follow your heart and mind and do what's best for you.

Rather than lose touch with your shipmates who may or may not share your political views, remember that the Reunion Association website and forum are here and have every intention to remain so.
Reunion Association President
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