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This message was passed along by Kelly Joe Ray who got it from Frank Thornal.
This ALERT was passed to me today. Please alert all submariners. Thank you.

Our ASR/ARS Deep Sea Divers Secretary/Treasurer Chuck Micele sent this in his latest newsletter and I thought it might be pertinent to some of you or someone you know.

If you were aboard the USS Carbonero (SS-337) during any of the following dates: May & June 1965 August & September 1966 or April & May 1968, you should contact the nearest VA Medical Center and request an evaluation from their Environmental Agents Group.

This was the boat that was used for the SHAD testing to determine vulnerabilities to chemical and/or biological warfare.

For more information contact Ted McAnly - his email address is .

If you have sub buddies out there somewhere, please pass this on to them and ask them to do the same to others they know.
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