Many exercised their creative talents during downtime on patrol by writing poetry or prose. Here's a spot to share yours.
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(8-20-2013). I changed the name of post to same as name of the poem - RMB.
(update comment 6/30/2013) At the end of our 2013 reunion last night, Fred asked for some shipmates to share a few sea stories. If the 627 could have stood before us last night, I believe this would be the poem she would share with us - straight from her heart.


I slice through the water
Like a long sharp knife.
The ocean is my battle ground
But lonely is my life.
My best friend is Silence.
My enemy is Sound.
Pressure is always on me,
And Danger always around.
But able men are with me,
They trust me with their life.
We embrace our quiet existence
To prevent the unspeakable strife.
We speak softly with one voice,
History has taught us to keep our tongue.
Together we patrol the world's deep oceans
Silent, unseen and unsung.

R. M. Bowen EM2(SS/DV)
SSBN627 1967-1971

(Copyright TX0007785380 - RMB)
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Re: Patrol Poems

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This is it in a nutshell shipmates...
K.J. Ray MM1/SS Ret.
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