Reflecting on folks I've met along the way

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Keith Holman
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Reflecting on folks I've met along the way

Post by Keith Holman »

I saw something today about a reunion for RTC Orlando (posted the link here Scuttlebutt) and it got me to reflecting a bit.

Of the 80 guys in my RTC company, I can probably name about 6. Four of us hung together at A school. Of those 4, one I never saw or heard from again. Another was the Quarterdeck watch when I visited a tender in Groton about a year later. The other one I saw as we waited to class up at NPS but he washed out before our class formed. He was a contestant on Jeopardy several years later. I think he was only on the one day. I did see him once in Newport News when he visited family there while we were in the Shipyard. Nothing more since then.

My dad was 20+ year Army and I know he and mom stayed in touch with some families they deployed with as well as a few from his hometown that had joined up about the same time he did during WWII.

Some of my Madison contemporaries definitely fall into the category of friends for life and others that I've met through this reunion group will always be near as well.

Are you still in contact with anyone from your boot camp days? Do you remember more than a couple of them?
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Re: Reflecting on folks I've met along the way

Post by RussBrentnell »

I don't think I ever saw anyone from RTC again. And tho I can still see a few faces I don't remember anyone's name.
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Re: Reflecting on folks I've met along the way

Post by Jeff Mathes »

Leo Skeivick (no doubt incorrectly spelled) and I were in the same boot camp company. We both went to Dam Neck for A and C school. Leo went Nav ET and I was an FTB. We were assigned to Madison and did our initial sea tour which included the ERO at Newport News then DASO together. Lost track of Leo after Madison as our EAOS would have been in June of 82. I re-up'd in May for duty at POMFLANT but Leo probably left the navy.

On a side note, one my high school friends ended up in the same boot camp company as me in San Diego. I had been scheduled for Orlando but was changed at the last minute for San Diego and was there a day or two before my friend arrived as the drill company was formed. He went to a destroyer afterward.

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