Reunion 2017: Location Planning

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Pick any two from this list as your vite for preliminary site selection for 2017 Reunion

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Charleston, SC
Galveston and/or Houston, TX
Rapid City, SD
San Diego, CA
No preference
Total votes: 119

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Reunion 2017: Location Planning

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It's time to begin planning for our 2017 Reunion. This is a preliminary selection.

In this first round, you are asked to select two (2) choices. This is your first and second choice. There is no way to distinguish between your first and second choice. You can change your vote as long as the poll is open. This poll will remain open until and through August 22, 2015. (Using GMT or "Zulu" time).
The top two (2) choices from this selection will go into a second round. You may change your choices up until the poll closes. Your two choices cannot be for the same place. In the second round, everyone will be able to vote for only one (1) choice. Second round voting is expected to be open September 1-30, 2015.
They are listed in alphabetical order here. We have included some basic information about each choice. We have a bit more info on Rapid City as the Hixes did some research and campaigning. There really aren't any bad choices on this list.
When you vote, I'd like to ask that your vote reflects places where YOU would actually go. Choose carefully.
If you'd like to "campaign" on behalf of one of these locations or have additional information that you'd like to share, please reply here to make that information known to others who will be voting.
If you have no preference, please indicate that. It's good to know that a broad number had the chance to voice a preference, even if they had none.
For reference, past locations were: 2004 - Charleston SC, 2005 - Jacksonville FL/Kings Bay Ga, 2007 - New London CT, 2009 - Bremerton WA, 2011 - Charleston SC, 2013 - Jacksonville FL, 2015 - Mobile AL

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are a former Madison sailor and/or a member of Reunion Association and cannot login and have your vote counted, send an email to NOW to make it so you can. Do not wait until the voting closes and then say "oh there was a problem". I am not set up to take votes by email.
Charleston, SC - We've had reunions (well-attended) here before. Many of us lived here at one time or another.
In addition to what's left of the main Navy base and shipyard, there is the Hunley restoration in progress. The airport is located at the Air Force base. There are opportunities for shopping and touring the plantations across the rivers as well as the beaches and Patriots Point. Nearby are resort areas and golf courses for those that wish to extend your trip to include a more typical vacation.
As of right now, Charleston International Airport is served by American, Continental, Delta, JetBllue, Southwest, United Express and USAirways.
The Trip Advisor link for Charleston is at ... tions.html
The Convention and Visitors Bureau website is at
For the fourth year, the readers of Condé Nast Traveler have voted Charleston the No. 1 U.S. City. Known for rich history, well-preserved architecture, a celebrated restaurant community and mannerly people, the city also ranked #2 in the World by Condé Nast Traveler 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards.

Galveston and/or Houston, TX
- Located on the Texas Gulf Coast, Houston is America's 4th largest city and boasts a cosmopolitan destination with world-class dining, shopping, arts and nightlife.
Several former Madison sailors live and work in the area which might influence the number of folks attending (or maybe not).
The Houston ship channel passes by the Battleship Texas. Nearby Galveston is home to the the USS Cavallah (SS-244) and the Destroyer Escort USS Stewart (DE-238) at Seawolf Park. There is also the Houston Space Center nearby. ... hip-elissa
http://www.americanunderseawarfarecente ... wolf-park/ with a rain forest, wonderful white sand beach, aquarium, paddle wheeler etc.
Lone Star Flight Museum
Trip Advisor link for Galveston is at ... Texas.html
Trip Adviosr link for Houston is at ... tions.html
Houston VIsitors Bureau is at
Nearby are the Gulf beaches and Padre Island National Seashore as well.
Rather than list all the airlines which currently serve Houston, let me share the link to Houston's George Bush International ... nes-served and at Hobby Airport: ... nes-served

Rapid City, SD
Possible Tour - -Badlands National Park, Wall Drug and Ellsworth AFB tour of the Air & Space Museum.
(Arrive at Ellsworth AFB to tour the Air and Space Museum. Continue to world's largest drugstore, Wall Drug. Unique shopping. Take a scenic adventure through the Badlands National Park, were rain, wind and frost have carved steep canyons, sharp ridges, gullies and glimpse into the geologic change.)
Possible Tour-- Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial and Custer state park wildlife loop in the southern black Hills, home of buffalo, antelope, deer and prairie dogs roaming free.
Possible Tour-- Mt Rushmore Lighting Ceremony with time for viewing, and patriotic lighting ceremony.
Things to do on your own ---------
Tour the town by trolley fare for unlimited on/off per day is $2. per adult $1 for over 60, see Journey museum, Founders Park, Chapel in the hills Stavkirke chapel. Dahl art center the trolley is a narrated tour.
Free admission at the museum of geology at SD school of Mines and tech. college.
Historic Deadwood SD gaming town home of Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok.
Visit Hill City and ride the 1880 train, to Keystone makes a tour that starts and stops in Hill City with shopping and dinning available.
Rapid City has summer night every Thursday with free bands downtown and food stands to enjoy.
Fort Hays old west town and dinner show, tour the Dances with Wolves film set chuck wagon dinner show. free admission and parking you pay for the meal.
Yellowstone National Park is in 300 miles away for those who wish to make it a longer vacation.
There is also a land-based Minuteman Missile National Historic Site:
Rapid City Regional Airport:
Allegiant non stop service to/from Las Vegas, to /from Phoenix
American Airlines non stop service to/from Chicago, to/from Dallas/Ft. Worth
Delta non stop service to/from Salt Lake City, to /from Minneapolis/St Paul
United non stop service to/from Denver, to/from Chicago, to/from Houston
Rent A Car at the airport Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz and National/alamo
Hotels have free shuttle service, the airport has a shuttle service available.
Website of the Rapid CIty Tourism Bureau is at
Trip Advisor site for the Rapid City area is at ... tions.html
An up-to-date listing of airlines servicing Rapid City SD Regional Airport can be found at: ... nes-served

San Diego, CA - In addition to a rich Naval history, San Diego boasts a favorable climate as well as 70 miles of coastline at the nearby ocean and bay. Golf is also a possibility.
Seagoing attractions include the USS Midway, and the Maritime Museum The museum's collection includes a Soviet submarine the B-39, an American research submarine the USS Dolphin and the HMS Surprise (star of Master and Commander and Pirates of the Caribbean 4), just to name a few.
A list of airlines currently flying into San Diego Airport can be found here: ... nes-served
San Diego Tourism bureau maintains a website with things to do at
Trip Advisor website for San Diego is at ... tions.html
San Diego can serve as a jumping off point for a longer vacation with family.

Specific costs are not available this far in advance and will be negotiated with the final choice. Information about specific airlines or businesses subject to change, of course.
Betty and I have had the privilege of visiting each of these areas (with one exception to be taken care of very soon) and believe any of them can be a good site for our next reunion.

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Re: Reunion 2017: Location Planning

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Charleston, SC
Rapid City, SD
Mike Boyle FTCS(SS) RET

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Re: Reunion 2017: Location Planning

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Rapid City, SD
San Diego, CA

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Re: Reunion 2017: Location Planning

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I would like to vote for Charleston, SC and Rapid City , SD. Charleston is probably home to the most shipmates. I love the Charleston area and sometimes wish I were back. I have never been to Rapid City and it would be an adventure I would look forward to............Vernon Allen

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Re: Reunion 2017: Location Planning


I have never been to San Diego or Rapid city. I'm sure there is much to see and do in both. Yellow Stone after the reunion sounds like a place to visit once we're out there. I would also like to visit the Midway and see the Bob Hope Tribute that Dan Ludwig was so instrumental in getting together.
Congratulations on the great selections for the next one!

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Re: Reunion 2017: Location Planning

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San Diego, CA
Rapid City, SD

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Re: Reunion 2017: Location Planning

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My votw will be for San Diego as # 1 and Charleston as $2.

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Re: Reunion 2017: Location Planning

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san diego

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Re: Reunion 2017: Location Planning

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rapid City SD---------

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Re: Reunion 2017: Location Planning

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Re: Reunion 2017: Location Planning

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I'm glad to see the activity here and the posts identifying your favorites. But....
PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE ALSO VOTING AT THE TOP AND CLICKING SUBMIT for your vote to count. There is no way to tell who did and didn't vote above so we can't count emails and posts in the total.
Reunion Association President

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Re: Reunion 2017: Location Planning

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I am not smart enough to figure out how to vote for the 2017 reunion. HELP

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Re: Reunion 2017: Location Planning

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Charleston and Rapid City

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Re: Reunion 2017: Location Planning

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jmaurer wrote:I am not smart enough to figure out how to vote for the 2017 reunion. HELP
Joe (and others who might be having trouble with the voting),
See this little How-To I put together.

But for anyone that's still having trouble, just ask.

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Re: Reunion 2017: Location Planning

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#1 Rapid City, SD. #2 Galveston/Houston

Roger Jackson, 72-74