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Who can see what?

Post by Board Admin » Mon Mar 05, 2007 8:52 pm

The sections of the forum in the heading "All Hands" can be viewed by anyone but can only be posted to by registered and logged in.
The sections called "Standing Orders" and "1MC"can only be posted to by a moderator but can be read by anyone.
The following can be viewed and Read by ALL, Must be registered to post, reply or edit your own postings

"Sea Stories"
"The Other Crew"
"Yardbird Tales"
"The Other Boat"
"Whatever Happened to...?"
"Reunion Tales"
"Jokes and Funnies"

Viewed, read, post, reply by ALL "Non-quals", "Suggestions, Questions and Comments"

Association Business is a private area, which will be visible and accessible only to paid members of the association (basedon the list of 2007 members as forwarded).
There are private areas which will be visible and accessible only to the respective committees for the following:

Website Committee
Board of Directors
Reunion Committee

The area containing our crew listings is accessible by clicking the "Memberlist" below the picture at the top of the page. To see that listing, you must be Registered and Logged In on this site.

All areas are visible and postable to the board administrator.
Private messages are visible only to the sender (in their sent box) and the recipient.
*Note, it is possible for the database administrator to go behind the scenes and eventually see private messages. You have to trust me that it's more trouble than it could possibly be worth for me to do that -- unless you are posting hot tips on horses and have a history of being right over 75% of the time. (If you fit in that category, please PM me. )

For additional information, see the Privacy topic under Standing Orders.
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