Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving

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:smt006 Happy Thanksgiving to all :smt006

Keith Holman
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

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At the time that I saw this, it had been viewed 15 times and NO ONE responded. Maybe we need to remind folks that we aren't supposed to be "rigged for quiet" any more?

Toad, to you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving as well. We spent our traditional day with relatives about 40 miles away. There were fewer of us than last year but we still enjoyed the time we got to share together. Seems we don't spend as much time together anymore as all of the children have grown but there some grandkids in their bunch that are old enough now they're spending time with the girlfriends' families. It happens.

I've told the story before but I won't let that stop me from telling it again. The first year Betty and I were married we were on trials and not expected home in time for Thanksgiving but we managed to come home earlier and not have the duty when we pulled in so Betty and I and a few friends from the boat went to Ft. McNair for Thanksgiving dinner at the club. It was great! She still won't cook Thanksgiving dinner!
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

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I trust everyone had a calm, uneventful Thanksgiving. Myra and I did our usual: the week was spent in North Myrtle Beach for golf, visiting friends and beer. It was a very nice get-away, yet again.
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

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To: "Toad"
From: "Flash"
Msg: Happy Holidays!
Date: 10JAN09

Happy Holidays to all former 27boaters who read this, regardless of when.

-JohnnyC, MDIV(BLUE) 82-85
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