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Clyde (Chip) Porter
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First Name: Clyde (Chip)
Last Name: Porter, Jr.
Crew?: Blue
Which Years on Board: 1975-78
Special Crew?: Neither
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Post by Clyde (Chip) Porter »

What's the status of the association with the SSVI?
Clyde (Chip) Porter
former MM2SS
Blue Crew 75' to 78'

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First Name: Grady
Last Name: Harrison
Crew?: Blue
Which Years on Board: 1983-87
Special Crew?: Neither
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Post by gradyh627 »

We will be discussing with the USSVI at teh Little Rock convention under what format we can associate. We are already a non-profit (incorporated in 2004) and just received our tax exempt status from the IRS (requested in October 2004). We will discuss with USSVI leadership affiliation at the reunion as we would be an internet base different from the existing internet-based Lockwood base : we have association members who do not necessarily wish to be USSVI members and our association will disappear eventually when the last member passes...
We'll discuss more soon,

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