Election of New Officers 2017

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Keith Holman
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Election of New Officers 2017

Post by Keith Holman »

During the business meeting held at the 2017 reunion, elections for board positions were held in accordance with our by-laws.

Our new board is:
Keith Holman, President
George Gross, Vice-president
Don Hix, Treasurer
Sam Walton, Secretary

Many thanks to outgoing association vice-President, J.R. (Bob) Thompson and to outgoing secretary, Charline Huwe. Also many thanks to our outgoing Reunion Committee, Charline and Fred Huwe. Thanks are also extended to Gilbert Raynor for his many years of service as our Chaplain and Storekeeper.

J.D. Walton will continue as Historian.
Keith Holman will continue as webmaster.
Skip Nairn volunteered to serve as our Chaplain.
Russ Brentnell volunteered to take over the Store.
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Re: Election of New Officers 2017

Post by RussBrentnell »

OK, I have a question. I've searched and searched, really, I have. But like many of our contemporaries I am relatively computer illiterate.

If I wanted to contact a member, say the historian, how do I do that? I read about an email button but I can't find it. I can't find a link to him in the member list. I can't find any posts by him so I could maybe click on his name to Private Message like some other forums I'm on.

I'm trying but the more I try the more time I waste and the more frustrated I get.

Combined in the Yard/Gold crew, 80-84 M-Div

Ship's New Storekeeper 2017-
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