Eternity and Unforgotten

Many exercised their creative talents during downtime on patrol by writing poetry or prose. Here's a spot to share yours.
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Eternity and Unforgotten

Post by rmbowen » Fri Aug 30, 2013 9:48 pm

I wrote these two poems for an electrician friend that was in boot camp, class "A" school, and basic "nuc" school with me. He shall remain nameless.

He was having trouble with his girlfriend and begged me to write a poem for him. The first, "Eternity", was written in March 1966 while we were in class "A" school in San Diego. She wrote a poem back to him and everything seemed ok for a while, but he got the "Dear John" a few months later when we were in basic nuc school at Bainbridge, MD. There, I wrote a final poem for him to send. I am not sure if he sent the second poem or not. I never asked him.

We split up for prototype training, I went to Schenectady, NY and he went to Connecticutt. After prototype, he came through Birmingham, AL and visited me a few days while we were on leave prior to reporting to our assigned ships. Their relationship had not worked out as you will see by the last poem "Unforgotten". Both poems are only "so - so" but I did submit them for copyright protection.


You say you will always love me
As long as there are stars above.
But what of the lonely, rainy nights
When the stars aren’t easy to see,
Do those dark clouds also dim your love?

Once you held me close to you
And whispered sweet words in my ear,
Things like, “Darling I love you.”
And “Honey I’ll always be true.”
But now there are miles between us;
Oh, how I want you here!

You say you will always love me,
Then please don’t treat me wrong.
If you do I’ll pack up my emotions and move on.
Our future together will disappear in that moment,
Washed like the rain into the sea.


I once loved a girl and life was worthwhile.
We were happy, without a care.
I lived each day for her touch, her smile.
There wasn’t anything we didn’t share.

What happened, my love, while we were apart?
Why did your love grow dim?
It must have been weak from the very start
For you to go back to him.

There are things only God understands.
So I whispered this prayer above -
“Help her change, dear God, I know you can;
Make her want my love.” -
Then, perhaps, we can be together again,
This time until the very end.

Copyright# TXu001882466 - RMB
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