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The Old Crew

Posted: Sun Oct 12, 2008 11:01 pm
by Twangg1
I can still remember a few of the Gold Crew Commissioning crew that I have not seen on here yet... Charlie "Swamp Fox" Marshall, Bobby Gale Glaze, Mick Frarie, Don Evans, Donald Smith, Ed Bruggensworth, Joe Stokes, MT1 Brown (bluie) all MT's... Jim Walters, Gary Host, FT1 Krachanus, "Duck" Sharpe... all FT's... Ray Pease, Bill Rushe, Charlie Walter, Donald Beesley, Pete Jansenius all TM's I believe all of these men are Plank Owners. Lt. Peter Suska, Lt George Ranes, Lt. Leroy Collins all were Weaps Officers. Lt. Kelly came on later. There are few officers I respected more than Lt Collins and few I liked better than Lt. Suska.

Thom Cantrall MT1 (SS) '63-'68 Gold