Looking for Friends of Micheal L. Kennedy

Tracking down missing shipmates
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Looking for Friends of Micheal L. Kennedy

Post by Board Admin » Mon Mar 26, 2007 12:34 am

Also received this via email. I have a phone number and email address for Sgt. Kennedy but am not posting those. I will share by PM or EMail if some of you remember Seaman Kennedy and wish to contact her.
Dear Sir, I am trying to find the crew mates of my Father He was aboared during 1966-1972 or around those years. His name Micheal L. Kennedy he was a Seaman 1st class in the Gally. He was also a blue crew member. Can you please help?
Thank You
SGT. M. Jennfer Kennedy
CO C 2-151st AVN BN
Dobbins Air Reserve Base
I am trying to contact people he was with. So they can contact me. I am trying to surprise him. Yes on the contact info.
Thank you
SGT Kennedy

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