Sailing Lists?

Tracking down missing shipmates
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Publicly posting 627 Sailing lists

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I think it's good information and would support posting it
Okay to post but put it behind a password or login to limit access
Concerned about privacy, post but give an option to be excluded in the lists
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Don't post the information
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Keith Holman
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Sailing Lists?

Post by Keith Holman »

Several folks have mentioned that they have sailing lists (a roster of who was onboard) for one or more patrols and offered to share use of them.
I figured that USN had these somewhere as well and have since discovered that they are publicly available but require some searching in person. Living in the DC area, I drive by the buildings (at the Washington Shipyard) frequently on my way to and from work and have on my list of things to do to start researchng these.
I have also checked with the status of security regarding things posted on this site or potentially posted here and have been told that these old sailing lists are not classified from the Government's point of view. This opens the door to eventually posting them on this site. If posted, they would include no contact information beyond name and rate.
What do you think of doing that? Please respond to the poll below which will remain open through the end of the calendar year.
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Post by RussBrentnell »

If our all-knowing, incredibly wise govt doesn't classify the info, I think we should post it, but with protection for the "listees".
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Re: Sailing Lists?

Post by Fred/Charline Huwe »

Anyone who has a SAILING LIST, please send me a copy. I was sent one and found 117 names that we didn't already have. Even if we never have all the addresses, it would be nice to have all the names.
Thank you.
Charline Huwe, your Assoc. Secretary

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