Angles & Dangles**

I swear this actually happened
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Record For Carrying Coffee Cups

Post by JohnnyC » Sat Jan 19, 2008 7:11 am

When I was a mere pup and an ERLL watch, I set the known record of the time for carrying empty coffee cups from the engineroom to the scullery. This happened sometime around 1983.

I carried 30 coffee cups from the engineroom to the galley in one trip. Two stacks of fifteen cups each, thirty cups total. Just ask Chief Jerry Vann; he was the official judge of my feat. They had accumulated in the engineering spaces by each Nuke as he got his cup of joe in the galley before watch and took it back aft and then just left the cup there.

Now, the Mad Dog was only pokin' holes on patrol when I did this. She was neither doing angles nor dangles, but it was a long arduous trip with all those damn cups just the same.

Here was my route: Technically, I started at the workbench in AMR2UL aft, where all the empty cups were assembled (upon order of Chief Vann, who was the EWS, but I gathered them all in Machinery2 from all over NukeLand - hell, half of them were mine). I was going forward after being relieved in ERLL at the start of the midwatch by Hap McDaniel. Chief Vann helped me stack them all in two big towers, and I started forward. I had to navigate the tunnel (I'm pretty sure the doors were opened for me), through AMR1UL, down the stairs into the Missile Compartment, forward up the port P-way in the MC while the missilemen egged me on, into OPS middle level through the hatch (still holding 30 cups in 2 stacks) and to the scullery where the messmen laughed at me and then helped relieve the load. We even called back aft and reported the delivery.

I guess most people would say that carrying 30 coffee cups for a distance of less than 475ft would not be very impressive, but to me it's still one of my fondest achievements.


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Re: Angles & Dangles**

Post by ltpistol » Wed Apr 13, 2016 3:23 am

Cornejo you slacker lol. Still drawing cartoons?

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