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Coffee For The EDO

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:26 pm
by Radwaste
You know that the Maneuvering Watch is a long one coming into port...

I had the midwatch as SRO after a long afternoon/night coming into port and disembarking... Yes, RM1 Brockenbrough tested the brow, hurrying up to Squadron...

So, hours later, I'd been on about 15 minutes when the EDO comes aft to make the midnight checks and log entries. One of us gets the idea he wants a cuppa coffee, so I ask him if he'll watch the heaters, reset them, then I hurry out to the starboard TG frame.
Aww, geez, there's nothing in here but a half-inch of what looks like meat. Or consommé. This pot has been boiling for the whole trip in, then all night. I think about it, take the pot to the after head, add about a pint of hot water, clap my hand over the top, "shookashookashooka" and pour a cup.
Looks right. Tastes the same. EDO is happy. Cool!

We got our coffee from Hill Brothers, in 25# cans. Hill Brothers. Michigan. What the hell does a dude from Michigan know about coffee?