Blue Nose Initiation

I swear this actually happened
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Blue Nose Initiation

Post by Jeff Mathes » Sat Apr 09, 2016 10:54 pm

It has been a few years since this event occurred on Madison Blue for me (78 ?), but there are still some aspects of it that I do recall.

The initiation was delayed due to the Blue Noses that were sent to the crew's lounge to send up the wogs were overpowered, duct taped, gagged, and stuffed into PO berthing - except for MS2 Glen Gotidoc who was trapped in a shower stall and pelted with eggs. Finally, the Blue Noses smelled something was up and sent reinforcements to restore order and start the fun and games.

After a trip to the TR bilge in skivvies and EABs and being doused with seawater we were allowed to crawl like snails to the Crew's Mess where the real fun began. The Royal Baby was one of my best friends - "Lumpy" Waddell - a MM3(SS) A-Ganger. Lumpy had red hair over his entire body except for his finger and toe nails... After surviving the trek to reach Blue Nose royalty, the first stop was the Royal Baby it seems, where the wog had to retrieve a cherry from the "baby's" belly button. Of course there was about a pound of lard slathered over Lumpy's ample belly with the cherry barely visible. As soon as a wog went for the cherry Lumpy grabbed him by the back of the head and - well you can guess the rest.

It was a great way to break the monotony of patrol. My only regret was I never had the opportunity to initiate other Blue Noses as it was the only Blue Nose run I made on Madison. Now Shellback initiation, that's another story...

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