"Victor" Bashing at sea

I swear this actually happened
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"Victor" Bashing at sea

Post by BobbyC »

I think the alleged event that Jack Anderson wrote about was entitled "Blind as Bats" I would not really know if it realy happened, as I was sleeping in my bunk, outboard the library forward of MCC, where I dreamed there was a big "thump"... the next day I went to the Canopus when we visited the Los Alimos and a friend from rad con asked me if something really happened! Oh well, who knows!

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Victor Bashing

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Hey Bobby, I must have had the same dream but I my dream put me on watch. In my dream I heard some screeching of metal !!!

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Re: "Victor" Bashing at sea

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It happned, I was just going on watch as the RO; it is not something I will easily forget. Fish nets was the official explanation.

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Re: "Victor" Bashing at sea

Post by thelt »

Don't forget the several PDC's that exploded being dropped from the AGI that was trailing us. Seemed to be marking our position as the Victor hit us. Kelly Ray and I had just hit the rack after securing the maneuvering watch. when it started. First we heard the PDC's that sound like a deck hatch slamming shut. Kelly Ray said I'm totally sure I secured every deck hatch. Then the "hit".

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