Scheduled Flick

I swear this actually happened
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Scheduled Flick

Post by Clyde (Chip) Porter » Sun Feb 12, 2006 3:51 am

After watching the pie fight at the end of the movie "Bugsy Malone" I made the comment that I had always wanted to nail someone with a pie. The mid rats cook Rick Young told me that he would make the pie if he could name the target. I told him that that I would hit anyone he named as long as the person did not wear khakis and did not think any more about it. It was probably a week or so later that we were trying to decide on a flick due to our reliefs' comments on the scheduled flick. All were in agreement to find another movie except 1 little MM3-nuke non-qual named Weathington. He just kept yelling ''Scheduled flick!'' Meanwhile Rick called me back to the galley and pointed to a fresh meringue pie. I was definitely caught by surprise but I asked Rick "Who's the target?" The answer was "Weathington". So holding the pie behind my back I walked to the back of the messdecks where Weathington was still arguing with Charlie Plotz and asked him "What did you say?" He replied "I said scheduled f***ing flick!" I answered "I thought that's what you said!" and let go with the pie.

Weathington was a pretty good guy from another boat in the yards. Somehow he got sent on that one patrol with us so that he could qualify for his dophins which he did accomplish in one patrol along with a good start on his engineering quals.
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