One Year

Many exercised their creative talents during downtime on patrol by writing poetry or prose. Here's a spot to share yours.
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One Year

Post by rmbowen » Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:57 am

I wrote this poem one weekend in April of 1970. I had the duty. My wife and I would be married one year on the 19th of April. Although we lived off base, I had the duty so I had to stay (sleep) on that barge. I wrote this poem one night after I got off the SMAW watch.

One Year

One year has passed
Since you became my wife;
What a difference it brought
To this man’s life.

Each memory is numbered
In a precious book of gold
As a lasting reminder
When days grow old.

One year has passed
Bringing this joy I feel:
A new world discovered,
The first year I’ve lived.

©August 2013 Roy Mack Bowen
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10 April 1970
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Re: One Year

Post by JT-STS627g » Fri Mar 25, 2016 5:25 am

Beautiful Roy. That was the month and year I reported on board. Being single, I lived on that barge. Fresh out of Sub School and finally on a "real" submarine. Brings back many memories. I recall that the coffee in the galley got awfully strong in the evening. Spent many a night sitting topside with a cup of coffee just watching the lights and traffic on the river. I remember one evening sitting in an empty gun turret sharing a bottle of Okadama wine with one of the NavET's. Roy, I always picture you standing on the missile deck by the mr1 hatch in a black wet-suit and dive gear. Thanks for the memories! JT
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