Things I Like

Many exercised their creative talents during downtime on patrol by writing poetry or prose. Here's a spot to share yours.
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Things I Like

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I wrote this back in March. It started in the present tense. I was thinking about how good life is and the things I have accomplished. Then my mind drifted back thru time:
Ten months out of high school and I am in the Navy. After two years of training schools I am assigned to the Madison. I make one patrol then complete scuba diver training during "off crew". I make one more patrol and qualify to wear those precious dolphins. I am a happy man. Then I find I have been selected to take the 627 into the shipyards at New London, Conn. This really changes my life because my girlfriend and I decide to get married... I am a happy man. It is a special time, we are in love and happy.
Then I started thinking about her now, and the things I like about us..... and this happened:

Things I Like

I like the way I feel, watching you cross a crowded room;
Your smile is like a beautiful flower that never loses its bloom.
And when your eyes meet mine, we have no need for words;
Above the sea of conversation, love’s silent call is clearly heard.

I like the way you taste - quick kisses during the day.
The faint smell of lipstick pushes my worries away.
I like the feel of your hand, lightly touching my arm at night;
It fills my mind with peace, and the assurance that all is right.
I like to listen as you sleep; rhythmic breathing is music in my ears.
Soft sighs flood my senses and leave no room for fears.
I like the way you hold my hand as we walk down a street,
And the way your arm finds my waist when we talk to people we meet.

But there were times when I laid awake, until darkness fled morning’s light,
Awaiting the scream of the rude alarm soon to end our cherished night;
I struggled against thoughts of leaving and crossing the submarine’s brow;
Yet, some things I dreaded then have become fond memories now.
The smell of fresh perfume, intoxicated me driving to the base,
It soften the thought of leaving with only the memory of your face.

Those long days at sea brought uncertainty -
Thinking about things that could tear us apart.
But those things I liked formed links in a chain
And held love’s anchor securely fixed in my heart.

Roy Mack Bowen
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