A Memorial

Many exercised their creative talents during downtime on patrol by writing poetry or prose. Here's a spot to share yours.
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A Memorial

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A Memorial

A new generation responds to the klaxon’s sound;
Both men and women respond to the call.
The submarine tradition is carried on by all.

So take her down, Sailors, beneath the foam,
Where both Adventure and Danger freely roam;
Where stories forged in steel over the ocean floor
Are frozen in time forever more.

But Time marches on above these waves;
Where change is the elixir everyone craves.
So please take a moment during this Memorial Day
To think of the brave men who paved the way.

They worked with equipment - now considered primitive at best -
During times when instinct provided the ultimate test.
They were willing to try new concepts and prove new ideas
While trusting ship and shipmates without a thought of fear.

So when you hear that order to “Take Her down”,
Remember those brave souls who are no longer around;
Some passed too close to Death’s dark door
And wait for Eternity on the cold ocean floor.

Roy Mack Bowen EM2(SS)(DV) USS James Madison SSBN 627 1967 – 1971
R.M. Bowen EM2(SS/DV)
1967-1970 blue crew April 1970-1971 gold crew

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