Many exercised their creative talents during downtime on patrol by writing poetry or prose. Here's a spot to share yours.
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Post by KellyJoeRay » Wed Aug 06, 2014 9:47 pm

Hey Guys Here is one of my newest songs. I posted a link to you tube so you can hear it as well. It was written over The Memorial Day Holiday in 2014. The video features myself and an Old Skimmer Puke Buddy of mine D.W. Butcher on harmonica, and his wife Anne on tambodrum. I've known him since 1974. We played in a Bluegrass Band together in Charleston in the 1970's. We were The Carolina Moon Band...We were up in Fredericksburg getting our "Party On" and these words just popped out in about 10 minutes. Make sure you follow the link at the bottom to hear it played at the kitchen table...Next Morning...Hangover and all... :smt005


I'm just sitting here listening to a new CD,
Of some old songs recorded in the 1960's,
Brings back memories of you, and a time gone bye,
A time that was simple with unlocked doors,
And kids didn't get paid to do their chores,
And God was the center of the home and the USA.
We have gone to hell in a hand basket,
I never thought we would ever forget,
The men and the women who have died to make us free.

But that is America, Free because of the brave,
Still the world's greatest country, Let our proud banner wave.
Yeah this is America, it's the land that I love,
I gave her my blank check, for my life and above,
What's wrong with America? We've grown soft and grown fat,
We have wasted the blessings, God laid in our lap,
I love you America, and I wish it could be, Like it was in the 60's...
And we could leave it to Beave...

God Bless you America, you have shown the whole world.
That men can live freely, because of your love,
Please wake up America, I'm talking to you.
Make Sure that you don't lose your Red, White and Blue
It takes all kids America, every color and creed,
There is bountiful blessing, if you will kneel at His feet...

God Bless you America, you have shown the whole world
That men can live freely, because of your love,
Please wake up America, I'm shouting at you,
Make sure that you don't lose, your Red, White and Blue...
Your, Red, White and Blue...
K.J. Ray MM1/SS Ret.
Blue Crew 1974-1979

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Re: America

Post by rmbowen » Fri Aug 15, 2014 8:34 pm

K.J. Great lyrics and great singing on the UTUBE video... I loved it, you guys killed it - Didn't notice the hangover at all. Maybe you should do a few more on the day after... :lol: !!!!!!!!!!!!
R.M. Bowen EM2(SS/DV)
1967-1970 blue crew April 1970-1971 gold crew

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