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Revelation (The Submarine Song)

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:37 pm
by KellyJoeRay
In 1975 after three Patrols were under my belt I sat down one night with a friend Clint Green, from the Henry L. Stimson The 655 boat, out on John's Island and we composed a song we titled Revelation after the last book in the Bible...I have been asked by many to post it here... It is copy write protected so what the heck...This song was and is dedicated to the Madison Men I served with during the height of the cold war...But it is a tribute to all BubbleHeads.


In their beauty and their splendor, they set forth to keep the peace.
Guardians of liberty, defenders of the free.
They move with silent deadliness, beneath a dying sea.
While nations cry and hungry babies scream.

Inside there lives a well manned crew, men like you and me.
They are the vessels eyes and ears, the blood that makes it be.
They act in dedication, or such is as it seems.
But each man knows he is the end, that justifies the means.

Billion dollar war machines, with patriotic names.
Well hidden from the watchful eye, well practiced in their games.
They stand a shining monument to technology we've gained.
But your shelters will be useless when it reigns.

So the eagle and the bear it seems are facing eye to eye.
They mix and match their evil schemes, construct their alibies.
They bargain for deferment, and they weight the price of lives.
And they speak of peace with hatred in their eyes.

So all in all it comes to this, the calm before the storm.
With an all consuming brightness, the battle will be won.
And peace will rule the earth at last, and no man shall be born.
And the universe will echo Gabriel's horn.

Re: Revelation (The Submarine Song)

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:36 am
by rmbowen
You just described the "unspeakable strife" perfectly.

Re: Revelation (The Submarine Song)

Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 5:29 pm
I remember listening to Kelly sing this song on many patrols.

Mike Haler
ET1SS (RC Devision)