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Association Membership Letter

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Houston, November 22nd 2005
Dear Shipmate,
On October 14th 2004, shortly after our Charleston reunion, the USS James Madison (SSBN 627) Association was chartered and incorporated in the State of Nevada as a not for profit organization. We have petitioned the IRS for 501 c (19) tax exempt status and are exploring joining the USSVI as an internet base. The Association wishes to operate programs for shipmates having served on the Madison and their families promoting the values of our community.
At the end of September of this year, we gathered in Jacksonville for our second reunion and were treated to a VIP tour of the Kings Bay submarine base including a behind the scenes tour of the impressive Trident Training Facility and time aboard the U.S.S. Wyoming. We can thank Commander Stewart, our shipmate and a number of chiefs who made the visit a great success. We were quite impressed by the professionalism of all and also delighted to run into a Petty Officer in the Nav Center of the Wyoming who qualified on the Madison.
During the Association meeting held the following day, we decided to grow the Association and started several committees : Please visit the new website (thanks to Keith Holman and other volunteers of the website committee) at the following address : and sign up for discussions. Don’t forget to visit the ship’s store that is linked from the website to purchase great merchandise bearing the Madison logo. Another committee is planning the next reunion which will be held in New London in 2007.
In the meanwhile, we invite you to share the excitement of the Association by joining as a member, the annual dues have been set at $20 for the first year and $10 after. Please consider an additional donation as we are starting slightly in the hole due to a number of no-shows at the last reunion after we committed for transportation for all who signed up on the Yahoo site.
If this letter has reached you, you may thank Charline Huwe and others who have spent a great deal of energy tracking every one down. We need your help in tracking down more shipmates, please visit the listing on the website and submit any additional names you may have.
Please join us by detaching the coupon below and returning it with payment made to the order of the U.S.S. James Madison (SSBN 627) Association Inc. Mail it to Roger, our treasurer. In the meanwhile, I remain, your shipmate,

Grady Harrison

2006 Membership Sign-up
First Name : Last Name :
Address :

E-mail address :
Dates served aboard :
Member of USSVI : Y or N (circle appropriate)

Payment enclosed
Annual Dues First Year : $20.00
Voluntary Donation : $

U.S.S. James Madison (SSBN 627) Association, Inc.

(The letter is available in MSWord format here)

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