Ship's Store now open!

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Ship's Store now open!

Post by Storekeeper »

The Ship's store is now open on the website. :!:
Ordering information is shown there. Remember, proftis from the sale of this merchandise benefits YOUR REUNION and Your Association. Other sites purporting to be the James Madison ship store are not our association and do not benefit us in any way. Most of us have gotten solicitaion emails from them.

You will not receive any solicitations from the Association official 627 store. You WILL receive the benefits from the store. Sale of merchandise at the last two reunions, even though there was no official store produced profits to the association.

We are here to serve you. We are also capable of doing custom embroidery of James Madison stuff, we can add your years of service, your crew and the like for additional charges. Call and let us know what you want and we will work up a cost for you.

The store is slimly stocked at this time since we have no funds to fill it and it is being personally funded for the time being while we grow into a real association. However, the blanks are on hand to be embroidered when ordered. We have a large variety of hats on hand and some shirts etc. WE can take all credit cards for merchandise.

To visit the store, go to the new website and click on the store link. It is your store and suggestions for additional merchandise will be carefully considered.

It's YOUR store

Thank you
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Childrens stuff

Post by ELT627 »

The ship store has been updated to show child ordering information on the children size items we have in stock.

We can also easily do custom items, such as the existing t-shirt designs on the following colors, tan, soft yellow, soft blue, pink and ash, these will be custom orders. Be sure to contact me if you want to do that.

We can also do children's sweatshirts, but they will be a custom item, not a stock item.

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Re: Ship's Store now open! (WARNING!)

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You may have gotten an email like the one below or happen upon this store. Please be sure that you are aware that this is NOT affiliated in any way with the USS JAMES MADISON 627 Reunion Association or any other group of USN veterans.

For the REAL thing, please see The Association Store. If there is something you would like that is not currently available at the Association Store, ask!
From: USS James Madison Store []
Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2008 10:11 PM

A great reunion gift and a 2009 USS JAMES MADISON calendar.

For this year's reunion the store now has added many items:

Kids Baseball Jersey, Kids Hoodie, and Kids T-Shirt. Also, Jr. Baby
Doll T-Shirt, Jr. Spaghetti Tank, Mens Ringer Tee, Mens Sleeveless
Tee, Ringer T-Shirt, Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt, Women's Tank Top, Women's Raglan Hoodie, and Women's Tracksuit.

These items are in addition to T-shirts, mugs, baseball jerseys,
mousepads, caps, and other items.

It also has items for infants. All have the unit's name and/or a USN
insignia printed on them.

Click on the following (or type this address in your browser bar)

to view the items.

The store offering these items for sale is a division of
JJ-Enterprises. JJ-Enterprises is not associated with the U.S.
Government in any form.

Nor is it associated with any group of former or existing members of USN units.


JJ-Enterprises, 1610 S. 31st. Suite 102-120, Temple, Tx 76504.

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