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Association Officers

Post by Board Admin » Tue Jun 30, 2015 4:18 am

During the business meeting held at the 2015 reunion, elections for board positions were held in accordance with our by-laws.

Our new board is:
Keith Holman, President
J.R. (Bob) Thompson, Vice-president
Don Hix, Treasurer
Charline Huwe, Secretary

Many thanks to outgoing association President, Fred Huwe; to outgoing Vice-President, Al Ptasnik; and to outgoing Treasurer, J.R. (Bob) Thompson.

J.D. Walton will continue as Historian.
Keith Holman will continue as webmaster.
Fred and Charline Huwe will continue to serve as the Reunion Committee.
Gil Raynor will continue as our Chaplain and Storekeeper until a replacement Storekeeper is identified.

Help Wanted: A replacement storekeeper is needed. Duties include taking physical possession of the current inventory and working with the board to identify new items and inventory as appropriate. Additionally, the storekeeper will be responsible to ship orders out. (The association will cover the costs.)

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