How to Get Notified by Email when there is a new post on this site

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How to Get Notified by Email when there is a new post on this site

Post by Keith Holman » Sat Jun 27, 2015 10:26 pm

I've been asked several times over the years if there was a way to send out a notification when something new gets posted to this discussion forum (kind of like the original Yahoo group was set up to send email to your inbox). Truthfully, there usually is not much activity here and its difficult to remember to check it regularly so folks miss something. But now we have a way to send a feed to your email of new posts.
Different email programs will handle it different ways but the key piece you need is to enter this URL in your email program's "subscribe to a feed" function.
The URL to enter is
Depending on your email/feed program, this will check (at a frequency you set, most default to daily) will deliver to your inbox either the post itself or a link to the new post.
With the new software being mobile-device friendly, it should make it easier for you to keep up.
(As of now, this will not allow you to post from your email. You'll still need to login to the site to do that. --baby steps.)
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