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For those of you who were disappointed because we ran out of silver dolphin ball caps, we now have them back in stock.
I would like to thank each one who supported the reunion with their purchases at the reunion all the proceeds from these items goes straight back into the kitty for the next reunion. We will be building up the ship store over the next two years, but items are available all year round, so take advantage of it by buying from the real ships store. If you don't see an item you would like to have, just shoot me an email. We can make anything. Please contact us for an item instead of those who send out advertisements who say they are the Madison ship store, but from whom we get no benefit.

The lapel pins were quite popular and they were a suggestion from Don Hixs, as with many items, we had to pay an initial setup fee to get them made, but I believe we recovered our initial investment.
The new style of dry fit shirts were also very popular and we sold out of many sizes of those. I will be getting pictures of the new shirts and the Madison scarf to Keith to post on the ship store page.

One individual bought one of the older shirts and they dye washed out of it. I talked with the manufacturer and there was one time a number of years ago that they had a dye problem and they are replacing the shirt. It probably came from the first or second reunion. Please let me know if there were any manufacturing problems with your items and we will make it right. Our goal is to provide you with some wonderful keepsakes of the Madison and your reunion and we don't want anyone disappointed.

I want to sit down and write some of my observations of the reunion when I have time, but I enjoyed this one so very much. Thanks to Fred and Charline and Bob and Bill for all they did to make it run so smoothly.
VP and Storekeeper

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