Emailing from this forum (UPDATED 2/3/06)

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Emailing from this forum (UPDATED 2/3/06)

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This has been changed in order to simplify administrative duties for me and to give you a little better security.

Now, if you click on the email button, you will be taken to a form which you can use to create an email. The email will then come directly from the website without showing the recipient's email address to the sender.

This is being done to minimize the amount of spam in the world (an evil almost as bad as communism, imo).

This prevents the automated harvesting of email addresses to add to spam lists.

Will this eliminate all spam? Unfortuately no, but it will help ensure that you may safely add your email contact information here without unduly increasing the load in your in box.

If you have spam filters set, please ensure that you can receive email from
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Now I Know Why

Post by subsk »

I received a reply to a posting and clicked on the senders E-mail address link. I was smart enough to change the address format; but did not realize the reason for having to do so. Thanks for the explenation and all your efforts on behalf of all crew members.
Bill Kreher, SK2(SS) (G)

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