New method for displaying and updating contact information

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New method for displaying and updating contact information

Post by Board Admin » Tue Jan 16, 2007 5:46 pm

There have been some changes in the way we maintain current contact information for shipmates.
That information is now viewable (only to those logged in) by clicking on the "memberlist" link at the top of the page. Once you get that list, there are several methods for sorting and displaying the information.
You can sort based on last name, username, years onboard as well as number of posts.
- If the "username" is a 5 digit number, that shipmate has not signed up for a login on this site.
- If you have a login here (and if you're reading this, you do) you can update your own information by clicking on "Profile" above. This information can also be updated by those folks who have "admin" privileges for the site (primarily our Association Secretary, Charline Huwe, and me).
- You may see someone listed more than once. Generally, that will be someone who has given us two different sets of info and we are working to determine which is the correct info before deleting the other.
- This is the same information used to produce the mailings from the association. It is important that it be kept up to date if you want ot be contacted with reunion or other information.
They are posted now and protected. You must be logged in to see the lists. The lists are the most current information available to the association.

Part of finding and gathering that info is first determing who all we are looking for. There are roughly 1000 names on the Shipmates lists now.

Rough calculations tell me there were possibly 3000 sailors who served onboard the Jolly Dolly during that lifespan. We need to identify the remaining 2000!

So work on thinking of some of the names, even if you don't know for sure where they are or where they came from.

Who was your LPO? Who was your Div Off? If you were in 3 section rotation, you relieved someone on watch and someone relieved you. Who were those people? That means at least 4 names you know besides yours. Are those folks listed on the Shipmates List? If not, add them to the "Whatever Happened to...?" forum.

The Association secretary, Charline Huwe, is the primary gatherer and guardian of the information.

To be added, send the information it to her at fchuwe AT cheqnet DOT net (You'll need to convert the AT and DOT to email her.) and/or send it to and we'll make sure it happens.

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