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Links to our Website & other prattle.

Post by ELT627 » Thu Jan 26, 2006 10:37 pm

As you come across sites that accept links, you might ask them to link this website for those searching for us.

I have asked NavSource, Michael Mohl, to put a link to this website from his Madison listing there and he has graciously added it and will upload in the next day or so.

The more we get the word out, the bigger the association becomes and the better chance we have to reach other shipmates who do not know we exist.

I will shortly be printing some Madison association membership cards, we will start with just paper ones since we have no funding to speak of yet, and as we become more active can then move to the plastic types.

I appreciate all the work that so many are putting in to making this work. Especially the work done by Charline Huwe to do all the mailings and build the databases. I always knew Fred had a good thing going there. No wonder he got so old and lazy, hehe.

Keith has done a wonderful job with the website. Don't forget to click on the store link and order some memorabilia. Also I am interested in getting emails to let me know what things you might like to have. As funding becomes available, we will add mugs and things like that.

Gil Raynor
68-70, blue and gold.

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