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Held in Groton, CT

The meeting was opened at 3 PM by President, Grady Harrison, followed by a prayer by Gil Raynor .

1) Gil Raynor has been our unofficial Ship’s Storekeeper and asked if we could have an official position created. He felt that the business of his current company may cause a conflict of interest. The president proposed that we create this position and that the Assoc. acquire the current stock, to be sold at reunions or on the website. Gil stated that he would continue to store and ship the Madison products and will provide an inventory of the current stock on hand.

2) Association Membership-where it stands and how can we increase it.

The current number of members on the site is 1058. Of this number, we can have 75% regular members and 25% associate members (wives & children), with 2-1/2 % of the 25% being indirect relationships. Send the site address out to all of your Madison friends. Let them all know how much you enjoyed the reunion and would like to see it continue. If you think of any of your comrades that aren’t yet listed on the site, please let the Secretary know any information you may have on them, so that they can be added and contacted.

3) It was suggested that we could set up a fund for donations for our hardship cases. Some of our guys may not have the funds to make the trip or stay at the hotel. If anyone has frequent flyer miles that they can spare, they could be donated, or any of us could sponsor their stay and meals. This could all be handled by one of the officers, in a discreet manner, so as not to insult our fellow sailor.

4) 501(c)19 Tax Exemption status. There will be a letter provided on the site, which will allow those attending the reunion to deduct the expenses incurred, such as flight, hotel, etc.

We are allowed a federal cap of $25,000 in our account. 501(c)19 is for not for profit organizations.

5) Next Reunion – It was decided, by a show of hands, that the preference is to have a reunion every two years, not annually. The USSVI has an annual reunion and we could support a hospitality room for our own gathering and meeting during the year that the Madison doesn’t have its own reunion.

Discussion followed concerning locations for the 2009 reunion. Suggested sites were Branson, MO; Bremerton, WA; Newport News/Norfolk, VA; and King’s Bay, GA (Jacksonville, FL). These four choices will be posted on the site as a survey. The location receiving the most votes will be the site of our next reunion. A reunion committee will be formed after the survey is completed. A motion to accept this plan was made and it was seconded and approved by all present.

6) An audit of the financial books was done by Steve Leslie and found to be in order.

7) The minutes from the 2005 Jacksonville meeting and the 2006 meeting, held during the USSVI Convention, were read by Charline Huwe.
Gil Raynor made a motion to accept as read, which was seconded by James Walton and approved by all members.

8 ) The Treasurer’s Report was given by Roger Schmitt.

As of the meeting, there is a total credit of $15,838.83 and a debit (expenses) of $12,584.52, for a balance of $3,254.31 on hand. Since our inception, we have received a total of $10,999.40 in contributions, dues and sales.

Gil Raynor made a motion to accept the report, which was seconded by Bob Schindlar and approved by members.

9) It was suggested that it would be helpful if members would volunteer to accept e-mail information instead of snail mail, in order to save on mail-out expenses.

10) USSVI Update – The decision to become a chapter of the USSVI had been postponed, since we were able to receive tax exempt status through the 501(c)19 from the federal government. A motion to stay as we are was made by Tony Suplicki, which was seconded by Gary Host and approved by all

11) Our Webmaster, Keith Holman reported that the site is running well. We can add photos, start conversations, visit the Ship’s Store, and help the organization find more information about our shipmates not yet found.

12) Life Membership – After some discussion about dues to be paid, Gil Raynor made a motion to hold off on this decision until our meeting in 2009. This was seconded by Jim Storteboom and approved by all members. Russ Brentnell volunteered to do some research on how other organizations handle this.

13) Ron Warnick brought up the need for a Historian. He has many historical Madison photos that he would like to donate, if they could be properly handled. It was decided that this was a good idea and will be brought up during elections.

14) Election of Officers – Some of the nominations were made on our internet site and copies are being kept by the Secretary and are repeated here.

President – Fred Huwe was nominated by Gil Raynor, and was seconded by current President, Grady Harrison. Ron Warnick moved that the nominations be closed. Fred Huwe was approved by all members.

Vice-President – Gil Raynor was nominated by Fred Huwe, and was seconded by current VP, Bill Andrea. Ron Warnick moved to close nominations. Gil Raynor was approved by all members.

Treasurer – Skip Jansen was nominated by Gil Raynor and was seconded by Fred Huwe. Since Skip has never been to a reunion and many members don’t know him, Roger Schmitt was asked to take the position again. Ron Warnick seconded this and it was approved . Jim Storteboom moved to close the nominations and a majority vote re-elected Roger Schmitt as Treasurer.

Secretary – Charline Huwe was nominated to continue in this position by Gil Raynor and it was seconded by Bill Andrea. Ron Warnick moved to close the nominations and she was approved by all members.

Storekeeper – Grady Harrison had volunteered to take this position and now James Walton moved that we accept, which was approved by all members.

Historian – Bill Andrea was nominated by Gil Raynor and James Walton moved to close the nominations. Bill was approved by all members.

15) With all old and new business covered, Gil Raynor moved to close the meeting. George Roberts seconded and it was approved by all members.

Outgoing President, Grady Harrison , then closed the meeting.

~Submitted by Charline Huwe, Association Secretary
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