A note from the website committee......

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A note from the website committee......

Post by RussBrentnell »

I've decided to post this here since this seems to be the most popular area of the forum.

What we've decided to do, and in fact have already begun, is to transfer from the old Yahoo group jokes, sea stories, other website links, etc. to this forum. The idea is to preserve and redistribute info, ideas, thoughts and no-shitters for posterity. As you can see from the few reposts that have been done, the original poster and date will always be included at the beginning, and as well as can be followed, entire threads will be copied.

Not all old posts will be recopied here: things like holiday greetings, old pre-reunion discussions having no relevance today, etc. will be deleted. Also, we are making our best guess as to which section of this forum to repost, and there are many, many posts to review and copy, so be patient.

To let you know it's a copy, there will be 2 stars like this ** in the title. And the poster here will be "From Yahoo".

We will be cleaning up the old posts to make them more readable (correct spacing, etc. to account for different formats) but we will NOT edit, delete or in any other way change the contents of the original post, except if it's vulgar, then we'll sparingly use *'s without changing the meaning.

Any thoughts or comments on this would be greatly appreciated, as we can use all the help we can get at this point.

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Yahoo site

Post by gradyh627 »

Thanks Russ for the good work. Whenever I get a request to join the Yahoo website, I'll direct them to this site.
Best regards,

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