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USSVI Convention

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USSVI American Submariner quarterly publication - Just received Issue 4 Vol 2010 which includes a great letter from Madison's own Tom Bowser who received the Robert Link National Commanders Award at the convention in September (see page 40). Also see Veronica Hix (wife of Don - Madison sailor) on page 22. Madison shipmates and wives at the 2010 USSVI convention included Fred and Charline Huwe, Bob and Sue Thompson, Don and Veronica Hix, Bill and Mavae Andrea, Gil Raynor, Len and Dede Reneau (and Katelyn), Danny Fosnaugh, CC (Rob) Roberts, Dennis and Joyce Umbaugh, Frederick Weilminister, Chip and Sharon Porter, and P. W. Louthain. As always we had a great time and look forward to 2011 in Springfield/Branson, Mo Sep 5-11. USSVI is a great organization and a good way to keep up with shipmates. Check out the web site at The magazine itself is worth the $20 / year dues. See you all in June in Charleston.

Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson (Retired Capt)

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