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First Name: Gilbert (Gil)
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Which Years on Board: 1968-70
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Post by ELT627 » Tue Nov 01, 2005 4:11 pm

I really appreciate all that Keith has done with the site. I registered the URL before the first reunion and we advertised for a webmaster to do something with it. Keith stepped up and now we have a great new site. The goal of course is to migrate from the yahoo site to this one. Lots of room for pictures, easier forums to navigate and something for everyone so do stop by from time to time and let us know what you are up to. Tell the funny stories you know. Perhaps Tom Bowser will tell us what he thought when he saw the messenger buoy welded down.

I know Fred Huwe has some really tall tales.

I really hated missing the reunion and was so jealous of those of you who were able to board the Wyoming. Was the old smell still there?

Anyone remember Doc Miller? We used to send him heading for the deck plates when we lifted the reliefs for testing because he had come to us from Nam. In fact I believe he reported aboard in his Greens.

I think we still had a full fledged doctor on board in 68 and 69 also.

And of course the first sight of the Dolly Jolly sitting on block at EB, The HY-80 being cut to remove the soft patches for refueling etc. And the freezing cold watches during that yard period. Brrrrrr. Was already a blue nose, but should have gotten another certificate for that period.........

Come and talk about your time on the Madison, we are waiting to hear form your.

And yes, JR was just as much a character on board as he is now! Hell, he is not even older and wiser, just older, hehehehe.

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First Name: John
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Post by JT-STS627g » Sat Nov 05, 2005 5:07 pm

Hi Gil, Great website, hope it really takes off.
I reported aboard in spring of '70 direct from Subschool and yes I remember those cold topside watches in drydock. 'bout froze my potooty off. And yes, that old "smell" of the Jolly Dolly still lingers in my memory. What the hell was that smell?
I remember the first dive and test of emergency blow from test-depth after the yards. Wow! what a ride, must have had a 50deg up anle!
I can still hear Fred Huwe and the other nucs setting in the crews lounge before chow, during the ORSE board, talking about this mythical "kawampa bird" that flew around in circles of ever decreasing radius until it's head ended up in it's ass, at which time it shrieked Kawampa!
How about "A-gang", Starbuck with his big red moustache that kind of resembled a walrus or Dalassandro with his greasy black hair, and Bobby Herrington. What would we have done without those great guys?
How about Pete Jensennius and Larry Prinzell the torpedomen. I can still hear Larry harping at me to keep that Colt .45 dry while standing topside watch.
Speaking of great guys, who could forget Mr. Tom (Thompson). Really enjoyed him and the MRS. at the first reunion. What a team! Enjoyed dinner in Mt. Pleasant with them along with Larry(Marty)Martin, Fred Huwe and Danny Ludwig.
Lots of memories are beginning to live again. Good times!


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