Met a Madison shipmate-

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Met a Madison shipmate-

Post by ELT627 » Tue May 09, 2006 4:59 pm

While attending the Cavalla reunion about two weeks ago, I met another Madison shipmate, Michael Keesling
Mike must have been the ships clown for now he clowns and does Santa and seems to be a rather jolly person.

Santa's Big Success

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Re: Met a Madison shipmate-

Post by Twangg1 » Sun Oct 12, 2008 9:40 pm

Speaking of meeting shipmates... sometime in the last century... about 1970 or 71 I believe, I was duck hunting from a blind on the beach near Sequim, WA.

As it was getting on toward the end of the morning's shooting, I spotted a couple of men walking down the beach towards me... as they drew closer, I knew that I knew one of them but could not place a name or a place to him. When he reached our blind, he stopped to chat a bit and I said... "I know you... but damned if I can remember where or why..."

"Yes," he resonded, "I know you too, but I can't remember either." (alzwhoomers??) "My name is Jim Menshew"

It struck me at once then... he was Chief Cook on the Gold crew when I left the boat in 1968. I don't remember now how long he was on board... several patrols, at least, and may have been commissioning crew, but I don't remember him from there... 'course, we weren't eating on board yet then, were we?

We chatted awhile and I learned he'd retired from the service and was living in the Pt. Angeles area. I had left the boat in '68 and spent my last two years at PomfPac (Polaris Missile Facility Pacific)... NAD Bangor... I got out when they wanted me to return to Charleston, SC... I told them I was too much in love with hunting Roosevelt Elk.. and there were none of those in SC... I know... I looked!

Anyway, I got out in '70 and let the Navy pay my way through College from '71 to '75...
Thom Cantrall

Ron Warnick
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Re: Met a Madison shipmate-

Post by Ron Warnick » Mon Oct 27, 2008 7:09 pm

Hi Thom, Commissioning crew gold Chief Cook was P. B. Johnson (remember the chair incident, etc.). I believe Chief Menshew came aboard after PB left. Hope to see you at the reunion next July.
Ron Warnick

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