Super Bowl X Blackout

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Super Bowl X Blackout

Post by Clyde (Chip) Porter » Fri Jan 27, 2006 3:06 am

Where was the Blue Crew for Super Bowl X ? In the air flying into McGuire Air Force Base. Being a Pittsburgh Steeler fan (although outnumbered by Dallas Cowboy fans) I was looking forward to catching the end of the game in the waiting area while the plane was refueling for the leg to Charleston. On the two previous flights that I made between Charleston and Prestwick they always made us de-plane at McGuire for refueling so when we landed with probably most of the second half left in the game I was looking forward to watching the TV in the waiting area. Not this time! They made us stay aboard. The pilot did finally put the last two minutes over the intercom system.

Clyde (Chip) Porter
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