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First Name: Doug (Leroy)
Last Name: Lounsberry
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Which Years on Board: 1972-1977
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Another new guy

Post by drl620 » Fri Dec 23, 2005 5:22 pm

Didn't know where to jump in so figured I'd start here. I was on Gold Crew from late 72- late 77. Yep, another Nuc. MM1 when I bailed to go civilian. Often wondered about shipmates but never new what happened to any of them. Who ever is the person (s) behind this web site (and reunions) ...thanks and great job. I hope to attend the next reunion if I manage to connect with a few of my old gang. Some of the names look familiar, but we probably all need retro pictures and our nicknames to make the long term memory connection. As for me, Leroy was tagged on me as a nickname, long story for later. Unfortunately the name has followed me out into the civilian world, (my wife likes to share things about my Navy days with our friends).

Hope to hear from some of you who sailed under Capt Max (Akers), my favorite CO. I'm going to dig through my old pics (what's left after years of neglect and several bad storms) and see if I can find any from the Madison.

Sorry I used so much space my first time out, I need some bug juice,
Leroy Louns

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Joe Chay
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First Name: Joe
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Post by Joe Chay » Sat Dec 24, 2005 4:26 pm


I remember Cdr Max Akers, he was a pretty cool dude. On my last patrol he came back to the engineroom almost every day and sat on the bench with me between the turbine generators talking about re-enlistment and the Navy, wonder where he is now?

I have a Bluenose Certificate hanging on my wall signed by him in December of 1972. Would love to see any photos you have from that time, send them in to be posted in the 1970-1974 time slot.....

Merry Christmas Doug,
Joe Chay MM1 (SS)
1970-1973 M-Div, Gold

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First Name: John
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Post by JT-STS627g » Sun Dec 25, 2005 4:44 am

I was in sonar gang during your time. Have a slight memory of you. Maybe a photo would revive the brain cells. Us sonarmen were in our own little world anyway!
Capt. Akers is the one that handed me my dolphins. One of the biggest moments of my life! I recall the time we were tied up at Rosie Rhodes during the shakedown cruise after Poseidon conversion. I believe I was standing the midwatch topside when one of those Puerto Rican taxis came screeching up to the end of the pier. Out popped Capt. Akers and the XO. Ran up the pier, across the brow and down the control room hatch.
Moments later, a San Juan police car pulled up to the end of the pier with it's lights flashing. It just sat there a few minutes, then turned off it's lights and pulled away. I never did Know what was happening. All the XO said as he went down the hatch was "evening Horner".
Such was life on the Jolly Dolly!

Welcome aboard and the Best of the Season to you!

Sonar gang '70-'74 Gold

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