Anyone with a story about XO/CO Larry Miller, Please read

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Anyone with a story about XO/CO Larry Miller, Please read

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I am currently working on a scrap book for my father about his life in the Navy. Being his daughter I know that he speaks so fondly about those days and the crews that worked for him. If you have a funny story, noted mannerism, or observation that you would like to share, please forward them to me. If you would like to remain anonymous, that's okay too. I am also looking for photos that were taken during his tours and they don't have to include him. If you forward them to me, just add a note about when and where it was taken. He does not know I am doing this. He gave 27 years of his life to the Navy and the James Madison was the last submarine he was on. Thank you in advance for your time.

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I can relate my own that some of you might remember (but I am hoping not)! When I was five (around 1980) we traveled to Virginia (most likely Newport News) to spend time with my Dad and went to have dinner on the sub. I remember being so excited about wearing my Strawberry Shortcake dress to look nice in front of all the men. Little did I know at that tender age was that the only way to get on board was to go down a windy ladder. I remember refusing to go down because I didn't want my dress to blow up. Once I was down the crew had strict orders to not laugh but I still can recall the smiles of the men and the kindness they showed me that night.

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Be sure to check the photo section of the site.
Also, there is a whole album of 1980s Gold Crew (your dad was Gold Crew.)
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