Military Terminology and Translations**

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Military Terminology and Translations**

Post by From Yahoo » Wed Nov 30, 2005 5:13 pm

From: "Roger Schmitt" <rschmitt@...>
Date: Thu Aug 18, 2005 1:27 am
Subject: Fw: FW: Military Terminology and Translations
(Mod note: I took liberties with the punctuation to make it more readable. R~)

Emphasis on something that has always been suspected.

Military Terminology and Translations


Bathroom: Head, Head, Latrine, Powder Room

Bed: Rack, Rack, Cot, A Single with Ruffle and Duvet

Cafeteria: Chow Hall, Mess Hall, Mess Hall, Café

Uniforms: Dungarees, Utilities, BDUs, Casual Wear

Troops: Seaman, Marine, Private, Bobby or Jimmy

Sr. NCO: Chief, Gunny, Sergeant, Bob or Jim

Sr. Officer: Captain, Colonel, Colonel, Robert or James

Captain's Punishment: Mast, Office Hours, Article 15, Time Out

Housing: Billets, Barracks, Barracks, Dormitory

Underwear: Skivvies, Skivvies, Underwear, Lingerie

Jail: Brig, Brig, Confinement, Grounded Facility

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