+Crew At Rest

An incomplete listing

One of the purposes of forming the USS James Madison Association is to honor our shipmates who sail no more. These are the faces who appear only in our memories and no longer in the flesh. They are the main characters in a story of freedom and camaraderie and the occasional tale of a sailor on the town. They will be missed and appreciated for who they were while amongst us and for who and what they have left behind.  To their honor and memory, we say:

Rest your oars, old sailor
No more will you go to sea
Rest your oars, old sailor
This is where you're supposed to be.

A David M. Abercrombie
Robert J. Aime
Max N. Akers
William 'Al' Max Allen
Gene Ammons
Patrick P. Arena
Milton K. Arrow
Don D. Asmussen
Dale R. Atkinson
B Michael H. Bailey
Joseph Berman
George Bissett
James "Blackie" Blackwelder
Donald W. Bonneau
Roy Mack Bowen
Elwood M. "Woody" Bowers
Jeffrey E. A. Bray
Chester “Wayne” Brister
Gary F. Brown
William F. Brown
Peter Brumm
Joseph Byrd
C Steve Cadonau
Robert Carl, Jr.
Don N. Carmody
John G. (Guy) Cesare, Jr.
William Chance
Bruce Chappelle
Robert A. Chisholm
Donald Eugene Cipra
Sam Coleman
Leroy Collins, Jr.
Harvey B. Conover, Jr.
Michael J. Conway
Arthur B. Cotherman
David J. Culligan
John Francis Curley
D Alan P. Danaher
Ronald Dering
Frank Dewan
Peter DeWitt
Jimmy Lynn Dewitt
Lewis Diley
Charles A. Dorminy
E Donald Ray Ebert
Phil Eder
Lawrence "Larry" Elmer
Scott Eversole
F Bruce C.Felt
Preston "Skip" Fielden
Michael T. (Mickey) Finn
Glenn F. Fleming
G Tim E. Gardner
John Garton
Larry W. Gaskins
Robert Gass, Jr.
H John F. Haegen
William Hahn
David L. Hansen
Milan "Mike" Harring, Sr.
William C. "Bill" Hatcher
James "Jim" Haverkamp
Thomas "Todd" Hawkins
William Hayes
Lawrence Hazen
Le Roy B. Hebbard, Jr.
Charles "Doc" Hendricks
Larry Highley
Ernest "Frank" Holland
Charles Edward "Chuck" Holtzman
Frank Hughes
Doug Hurd
Karl W. Humbertson
James L. "Jim" Hyder
I John E. "Jack" Ilgenfritz
John W. Irons, Jr.
J Clifton Ray Jackson
Donld G Johnson
James T. "Jimmie John" Johnson
Raymond L. Johnson
Robert L. Johnson
Varro Jones
K James Dexter Kearny
William C. Kiener
Mike George Kozey, Jr
William Kulseth
John F. Kubovchik Jr.
L Myron “John” Law
William Blair "Bill" Lecates
Jerry Lemons
William Martin "Bill" Lindler
Joe Logan
Steven Lee Loudon
Richard E. Lumsden
Charles R. Lytle
M Charlie Mann
Matthew J. Marenovich
Larry Martin
Paul Douglas Martin
Louis Martinez
Richard Barker Marvel
Robert Maufroy
Robert S. McCubbins
Robert W. McCulley
Benjamin F. “Benny” McDonald, Jr
Kenneth A. McGowan
Ed McLyman
Clarence L. McMaster
Eugene McRoberts
Charles "Charlie" Meeker
Gerard "Jerry" Mezzacapo
Paul W. Middents
Ray Minor
George Mitchell
Jack A. Morrow
Robert T. Mott
Ovie Michael Mulkey
Stephen J. Munkwitz
N James L. "Tim" Nugent
Donald L. Nuzum
O Martin J. Opyd, Jr.
Edward Orr
Michael W. Osborne
Ronald W. Owen
P William L. Packman
Floyd L. Payne, Sr.
Thomas H. Perkins
Hal Poindexter
Larry Pope
Jack W. Postell
Al Prokott
William "Bill" Puckett
R Gerald James Regal
Advah H. Reynolds Jr
Gregory Dwayne Roesler
Douglas A. Rogers
James D. Rogers
Russell Warren Rohrssen
S Rolando Fallorina Saradpon
Robert Sasson
Franklyn A. Scardine
Jon Paul Scott
William B. Scott, Jr.
Curtis B. Shellman
Joseph "Joe" Laurence Skoog
Edward J. Sliacky
William Smith III
Herbert John Virgil Snyder
Royal "Bud" Spooner
Zeldon L. Stamp
Edward Steele, Sr.
T William "Bill" Tatton
Ernesto U. Tayao
Gary W. Taylor
Charles Tharpe
James W. Thetford
Frederick W. "Ahab" Thomas
Richard C. Thompson
James H. Thomson
James W. Thoreson
Richard "Dick" Tracey
V Sidney Edwin Veazey
James Vertz
John C. Vick
John E. Villines
W Thaddeus "Tad" Walsh
Steve Weisenberger
Jim Whitmire
Mark Whitney
Thomas L. Willet Wayne Womble
Donald F. "Woody" Wood
Y James 'Jim' George Yates
John R. Young
Z Edward Zivica